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Helping Kids in School Cope with COVID19The height of the vertebrae is reduced due to osteoporosis. Cracks appear in the discs, cracks with homogeneous or crumbly detritus. Over time, the phenomena of deforming spondylosis develop with its characteristic marginal bone growths.

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There are few data on microscopic examination of the skeletal system, and they refer only to the outcomes of the process in adults. In the articular cartilage, cell-free necrotic areas are found, a decrease in the basophilia of the intercellular substance, a decrease in the content of acid sulfated mucopolysaccharides in it, which causes unmasking of chondrin fibers, cracking and its clumpy disintegration.

In the middle zone of the articular cartilage, there may be regeneration phenomena in the form of proliferation of cartilage cells with the formation of large cellular areas. The horizontal orientation of the cells in the superficial areas of the cartilage is erased, their columnar arrangement changes. The chaotic arrangement of chondrocytes and fibrillar structures weakens the plasticity and elasticity of tissues.

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Therefore, in mass x-ray studies, it is first necessary to examine the hands and feet. In the initial stage of the disease, pathological changes are localized in the area of ​​the growth zones of the bones. The zone of preliminary calcification of the metaphyses bends, thickens, the structure becomes loose, inhomogeneous, and the surface facing the epiphysis becomes uneven and indistinct.

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Complications are possible: infringement of the intra-articular body (with II and III degrees of Kashin-Beck disease), sciatica, secondary arthritis.

plavix examination allows to clarify the localization and prevalence of the process in the skeleton, to determine the nature and severity of changes, to dynamically monitor the course of the process. For Kashin-Bek's disease, the multiplicity and symmetry of the lesion is characteristic. At first, the articular sections of the main and middle phalanges of the hands are usually affected, then the metatarsal and metacarpal bones, the bones of the wrist, elbow, ankle and knee joints; the bones of the hip and shoulder joints are rarely affected.

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Often there are chronic atrophic rhinitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, bronchitis and emphysema, gastritis and enterocolitis, vegetovascular dystonia of the hypotonic type, myocardial dystrophy, as well as dento-jaw deformities.

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The discovery of characteristic neuropsychiatric disorders among residents of an endemic area who do not suffer from Kashin-Beck disease served as the basis for isolating an atypical neuro-visceral form of Kashin-Bek disease. The disease proceeds without fever. The blood formula is usually not changed, only in severe forms is hypochromic anemia, lymphocytosis, neutropenia detected. In the urine, pathology is not detected. Data on the mineral composition of plasma (calcium, phosphorus) are contradictory.